The Republican Message
Late January 2015
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John Zogby: Rubio Smart to Move on 2016
Rasmussen Poll: Mitt Romney Leads GOP Pack
A new poll from Rasmussen Reports has found Mitt Romney atop a growing field of GOP losers.... [Full Story]
Sen. Lindsey Graham told "Fox & Friends" he saw directly the hate [Full Story] |
Kerry: Don't Blame Islam for Violent
Violent extremists who are killing children and others in Iraq, Syria, [Full Story]
The French government has confirmed that a number of French soldiers have [Full Story]
Alan Dershowitz: Iran Deal May 'Protect Obama
The administration of President Barack Obama is not negotiating a surrender to terror  [Full Story] |
More than 2,000 guns were discovered in airport carry-on bags in 2014, [Full Story]
Senate Says 'Climate Change Is Real,' But Not
                      Our Fault
According to the U.S. Senate, climate change is not a hoax but our Response is, [Full Story]
The president is proposing that community college should be free for all, [Full Story]
Israel: False Report Is WH 'Revenge' for
                      Netanyahu Visit
Israel's Mossad secret service denied a report that quoted sources saying the visit was well meaning ... [Full Story]
The precipitous drop in global oil prices is endangering some Americans efforts [Full Story]
Ben Carson: 'Critical We Have the Right
                      Candidate for 2016'
Dr. Ben Carson told "Fox & Friends" he was "meticulous" about deciding [Full Story] |
Purchases of previously owned U.S. homes rose less than forecast in [Full Story]
Pataki Launches Super PAC for Presidential
The Republican presidential contender crowd just keeps getting more hyena , [Full Story]
Scorsese Film on Bill Clinton Shelved Over
                      Control Issues
Martin Scorsese's documentary about Bill Clinton is on hold until Hillary is finished running for President... [Full Story]
The death of King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia has created another shit mess in the region [Full Story] |
Despite the jeers from the White House press corps, three YouTube [Full Story] |
Bobby Jindal Calls Out GOP Over Scuttling of
                      Abortion Bill
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was unhappy that House Republicans didn't take a vote on a bill banning most late-term abortions on Thursday as Polls are still out. [Full Story]
King Tut Mask
                        Damaged, Beard Hastily Glued Back With Epoxy
The blue and gold braided beard on the burial mask of famed pharaoh Tutankhamun was cut off and hastily glued back on with epoxy, by the Muslim Brotherhood is a show of Egyptian... [Full Story]

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